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Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) allows continuous streaming media online without direct video or audio file downloads. Applications access these streaming video and audio files with M3U or M3U8 playlists. These lists provide location resources in the form of a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for each IPTV channel.

MP3 URL (M3U) playlist files are simple text files working as indexes of online video streams. Many applications use these IPTV liste to access and present online streaming video for you to watch.

Illegal Pirate Streaming IPTV Online

Many free streaming IPTV channels available in M3U playlist files such as those linked to from this site disappear quickly due to the inclusion of pirate video stream URLs. The Fluxus TV playlists shared below seem to be no exception and may have streams that are not properly licensed for redistribution.

Automated M3U playlist files are built with a process that scrapes the internet for streamable video files. The free IPTV links found online are then placed into the M3U playlist file to be downloaded for streaming.

Similar to searches for free streaming movies on Google, Yahoo, or Bing, these can turn up illegally shared video or music streaming content.

Stream Free IPTV M3U Playlist Channels Anonymously

It is always highly advised to keep your internet activities safely hidden from prying eyes with an encrypted VPN, especially when streaming IPTV channels from free M3U playlists found online.

Surfshark VPN is very well known as the best VPN to anonymously stream free IPTV channels online. Surfshark VPN apps and VPN servers block anyone from seeing your data, location, identity, or activities online.

Not even your own internet service provider or government agencies will be able to spy on or track you online with your Surfshark VPN app protecting you.

The best mix of HD IPTV streaming speeds (less buffering) and secure encryption protocols (anonymous streaming) is always Surfshark VPN. Try them without risk right now by taking advantage of their 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you'd like an explanation of what a VPN is and why you really need one, check our VPN explained in layman terms article.

Watch Free IPTV Channels Online

Be sure to visit our list of Fluxus TV free IPTV channels. These free M3U playlist URLs allow you to watch live sports and on-demand video including movies in many languages along with free streaming TV shows. The Fluxus IPTV playlists are updated every month to include the latest working streams, so check back often.

watch free movies streaming online with IPTV liste
Free movies streaming online with IPTV channels

Watch Live TV & On Demand Programs Online

IPTV channels can be on-demand, so you watch when you want and can pick your favorites at any time. Many smart IPTV channels provide a single movie or TV show. Other playlist items may stream a regular cable network broadcast 24/7 or be available for a short time providing access to a PPV event live stream.

Location resources found within M3U playlist files can also provide links to live streams online. These can contain commercial television network broadcasts and even live streaming sports broadcasts online. Typically, live streaming IPTV channels only become available shortly before an event begins streaming.

Surfshark VPN military-grade encryption

Remember, there is only one way to protect yourself from being spied upon or having others think you may be breaking the law when streaming free movies, TV shows, and live sports: a securely encrypted VPN.

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